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MLU Recap Week 1

After the two MLU preseason games, it looked like we might have a couple teams at the top and a couple at the bottom. The New York Rumble got blown out by the Philadelphia Spinners in the preseason, 14-27. The Portland Stags didn’t do much better, only scoring 7 in their 19-7 loss to the […]

MLU and AUDL Fantasy Ultimate Review

Fantasy Ultimate is here. Something that has often only been dreamed about on a large scale has finally been simplified down to a level in which almost every Ultimate fan can enjoy it. As someone that has been playing fantasy sports (mostly unsuccessfully) since 1995 I was immediately intrigued, even though the scoring system was […]

Semi-Pro Ultimate Featured on Skyd!

My work got featured on Skyd Magazine, you can check it out here: I’m moving to Skyd, but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving this blog. You’ll be able to read my power rankings, team previews, predictions, and game recaps on Skyd. I will be updating this blog occasionally with material that’s not fit for Skyd, most […]

AUDL Team and Organizational Preview: New York Empire

The New York Empire are one of six pro Ultimate teams that are sharing their city with a team from a rival league. Along with the New York teams, Philadelphia and Washington DC are in the same predicament. Unlike those other cities though, the club team breakdown between the MLU and AUDL rosters in New […]

AUDL Team and Organizational Preview: Toronto Rush

The Rush are playing in the AUDL’s Eastern Conference, and look like the early favorite to win it. With 16 players from the elite Toronto Club Open team GOAT on the roster, the Rush will have a combination of on field chemistry and big game experience that no other team in the AUDL can match. […]

AUDL Team and Organizational Preview: Madison Radicals

The Radicals have the advantage of playing in Madison. This works for them in many ways. First, there are a lot of great club players in Madison, Madison Club has consistently been a nationals caliber team. Second, you have the Wisconsin Hodags in town to draw from as well. Not only that but you get […]

Game Recap: Detroit Mechanix vs. Indianapolis AlleyCats

vs.   Saturday evening the Detroit Mechanix hosted the Indianapolis AlleyCats at their indoor Soccer Arena complex in Pontiac, Michigan. Being able to watch the game inside, away from the 40 degree cold was probably good for the fans, and it created a high scoring environment from the start. The first quarter saw the teams […]