AUDL Team and Organizational Preview: Cincinnati Revolution

The Cincinnati Revolution have a hill to climb. Unlike other teams in their conference like the Minnesota Wind Chill, Madison Radicals, and Windy City Wildfire, Cincinnati does not have an elite club team to draw from. Unlike the Detroit Mechanix they did not bring in a coach that can outrun and outjump nearly every other Ultimate player alive. And unlike the Indianapolis Alleycats they don’t have as many players returning as they would like. They only have four players from last year’s team coming back. So Cincinnati has a hill to climb, they know this.

They do have several things going for them though. They picked up some of the Columbus Cranes top players, bringing in four from that now defunct team in total. And they moved away from Louisville, to Cincinnati. They left Louisville because of low attendance, and moving to Cincinnati should help alleviate that problem. Not only does Cincinnati have a larger population to draw from, they have a rising youth scene, the base of any AUDL or MLU fan base.   The Revolution also have one of the better playing facilities in Ultimate. They’re playing at the brand new outdoor Sheakley Athletic Center, located on University of Cincinnati campus. So unlike many of their opponents venues, the Revolution will actually be playing in a centrally located playing facility.

In interviews with the Revolution coaches they have made it clear that they view their unknown team as an advantage. After all, the Revolution faced similar doubts last season and went 9-7 before falling to Indianapolis in the semifinals. However, this is not last year’s AUDL. Things will be more difficult in the Midwestern Conference. The Cincinnati youth team finished a surprising second at the YCC Championships last August, and the Revolution hope to make a similar run this season in the AUDL.


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