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MLU Power Rankings: Week 5

1. San Francisco Dogfish       4-1      +3 Any worries people had about the Dogfish incorporating their missing players back into the lineup are long gone. San Francisco put up a 23-13 shellacking of Vancouver on Saturday. The Whitecaps may be undefeated, but the Dogfish have beat tougher teams. Their one loss was on the road, only […]

Top 10 Plays of the 2013 MLU Season

And here are the top 10 plays of the MLU season so far. 10. Joe Sefton, Seattle Rainmakers, Layout Catch Sefton makes a nice grab for the Week 2 catch of the week. 9. Sam Harkness & Donnie Clark, Seattle Rainmakers, Greatest Sam Harkness and Donnie Clark connect on this greatest for the score. Harkness […]

Top 10 Plays of the First Month: AUDL

Here are the top plays of the AUDL season so far, ranked in a completely subjective manner. Which means that there aren’t any highlight throws on here, because even if they’re impressive, they’re just not as much fun. 10. Michael Ames, Indianapolis AlleyCats, Layout D I’m a big believer in players catching their D’s, and […]

MLU Power Rankings: Week 4

1. San Francisco Dogfish 3-1 +1.3 The Dogfish have yet to win a game as decisively as the Whitecaps or Rainmakers, so their point differential is not as strong. But the last two weeks they’ve been playing without a good chunk of their team. In their 16-14 victory over Seattle they were missing Beau Kitteredge, […]

AUDL Power Rankings: Week 3

You can check out my Week 2 Power Rankings over at Skyd Magazine, here are more condensed thoughts (for me) on where teams stand after Week 3. 1. Toronto Rush 4-0 (Last Week: 1) The Rush took their dominance to an even higher level this week. They beat the Empire in New York 22-14, a […]

MLU Power Rankings: Week 2

1. Seattle Rainmakers            2-0 The Rainmakers take the top spot by virtue of being the only 2-0 team to win a game by more than three points. Though unlike other 2-0 teams both of their victories have come at home, there’s reason to think they’ll keep up the pace. First, the solid 18-12 […]