Top 10 Plays of the First Month: AUDL

Here are the top plays of the AUDL season so far, ranked in a completely subjective manner. Which means that there aren’t any highlight throws on here, because even if they’re impressive, they’re just not as much fun.

10. Michael Ames, Indianapolis AlleyCats, Layout D

I’m a big believer in players catching their D’s, and apparently Michael Ames is too.

9. Cullen Geppert, Windy City Wildfire, Toes the line

Cullen Geppert manages to stay in bounds on this very bladey huck from Brodie Smith.

8. Mark Lloyd, Toronto Rush, Layout D

Mark Lloyd gets just enough of this disc to prevent the Empire from scoring.

7. Husayn Carnegie, New York Empire, Layout Catch

The Rochester Dragons get the layout D, but Carnegie never gives up on the play to save the possession.

6. Austin Bonelli, New Jersey Hammerheads, Layout Catch

Bonelli snatches the disc out of the air on this upline cut.

5. Brodie Smith, Windy City Wildfire, Layout D

4. Husayn Carnegie, New York Empire, Layout D

Husayn Carnegie, in his second appearance in the top 10, makes up some ground and then grabs the disc to make sure the Empire get the D.

3. John Bergen, Minnesota Wind Chill, Layout D

John Bergen gets up on this D to prevent the Madison score.

2. Isaac Jefferies, Cincinnati Revolution, Layout Catch

Issac Jefferies never gives up on this disc, and achieves some serious distance on this layout.

1. Keenan Plew, Indianapolis AlleyCats, Layout Catch

Keenan Plew somehow makes this grab as the disc is curving away from him in the AlleyCats 28-21 victory over the Revolution. The head spike really says it all.



  1. Sandy · · Reply

    Where’s the video of the two Carnegie plays?

    1. They’re linked to. Just click his name and it should take you there. .

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