Top 10 Plays of the 2013 MLU Season

And here are the top 10 plays of the MLU season so far.

10. Joe Sefton, Seattle Rainmakers, Layout Catch

Sefton makes a nice grab for the Week 2 catch of the week.

9. Sam Harkness & Donnie Clark, Seattle Rainmakers, Greatest

Sam Harkness and Donnie Clark connect on this greatest for the score. Harkness does a good job putting air on the disc and keeping it in the end zone, but it’s also a very nice sky by Clark.

8. Riley Meinershagen, Portland Stags, Layout D

Meinershagen gets the D in the fourth quarter to seal the Stags win over the San Francisco Dogfish.

7. Kevin Smith & Tyler Grant, San Francisco Dogfish, Break and Layout Catch

Grant makes the completes the layout in the end zone to start a rally for the Dogfish. This brought the score to 6-10, and the Dogfish ended up winning 16-14.

6. Delrico Johnson, DC Current, Sky D

Johnson shows some serious closing speed here, and brings the disc down with authority for the D.

5. Sean Murray, Philadelphia Spinners, Catch

Though this isn’t a play that displays the kind of athleticism present in the MLU, the level of concentration and awareness needed to keep that disc up is really remarkable.

4. Jeff Graham, Boston Whitecaps, Layout Catch

A great layout here from Graham, but this highlight is definitely helped by one of the announcers saying after it was released that the throw “is going to be too far.” Moral of the story is don’t underestimate Jeff Graham.

3. Brian Marshall, DC Current, Layout D

Marshall snags the disc out of the air, and holds onto it to ensure DC gets the possession back.

2. Jeff Graham, Boston Whitecaps, Layout Catch

A few things make this a great highlight. First, Jeff Graham makes an amazing catch, because he never gave up on the play. And he’s able to layout after the disc has been tipped, which isn’t easy. But perhaps the best part of the highlight is the look on David Cranston’s face after he sees Graham made the grab.

1. Cody Bjorklund, Portland Stags, Layout D Callahan

I’m surprised I didn’t see more promotion of this clip. I guess it’s probably because the video is lower quality, but the play itself certainly isn’t. Bjorklund flies in at the last possible moment to get the Callahan, which is especially impressive since the Nighthawks picked the disc up in their own end zone to get their offense moving sooner.

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