AUDL Offseason

Here’s a handy way of keeping track of player movement during the offseason. As the offseason progresses I’ll update this post and add some commentary.

updated 2/28

East Division

Toronto Rush


Bringing Back: Cam Harris, Thomson McKnight, Gord Harrison, Isaiah Masek-Kelly, Jeff Lindquist


New York Empire


Bringing Back: Izzy Bryant, Ben Ivers, Lionel Wininger, Ryan Drost, Mike Drost, Taylor Brooks, Sam Taylor, Matt Lemar, Matt Stevens, Matt Auletta, Elliot Bemis, Billy Katz


DC Breeze


Bringing Back:

Subtracting: Tyler Degirolamo (Thunderbirds), Alex Thorne (Thunderbirds), Ryan Nam (MLU-Current)

On January 13 the DC Breeze announced Dutchy as their head coach for 2015.

Montreal Royal

Adding: Andre Aresenault, Basile Limoges, Charles-David Hendricks, Greg Moore, Henri Krissian, Hugo Pare, Miguel Goderre, Sebastien Perron, Thomas Duplaix, Thomas McAlear, Vincent Houle, Simon-Philippe Lebel, Raynald Nemours, Nathan Dandurand, Frederick Parenteau, Francis Martel, Antoine Lepagnol,

Bringing Back: Gabriel Monfette, Yoland Cabot, Charles Bariteau, Christian Mathieu, Jean-Phillippe Riopel, Phillippe Thivierge, Antoine Genest, Cedric A. Boucher, Olivier St Denis, Kevin Guillemette, Nicolas Vanasse, Shawn St. J Timmins, Maxime Guy, Jean Levy-Champagne, Kevin Groulx, Gustavo Castano, Felix-Antoine Daigle, Francis-Xavier Hotte, Eric St Amant, Jean-Philippe Riopel,

Subtracting: Tim Tsang, Chuck Cantone, Eric Dion

The Royal are bringing back most of their returners, but will be missing their 2014 All Eastern Division player in Tim Tsang and their 2014 team leader in assists, Eric Dion. Given how much talent is returning to Montreal, and how many close losses the team suffered in 2014, this team figures to be in the playoff chase once again in 2015.

Ottawa Outlaws

Adding: Derek Alexander, Alex Arsenault, Andy Corey, Luke Phelan, Karl Loiseau (Rush), Scott Westwell

Derek Alexander, one of the top handlers for GOAT the last few years, has officially signed with the Outlaws.

Philadelphia Phoenix


Bringing Back:


The Phoenix are bringing back 2013 Eastern Conference MVP David Brandolph to the organization as the head coach for 2015. Brandolph played for the Philadelphia Spinners in the MLU last season.

Rochester Dragons


Bringing Back:


South Division

Raleigh Flyers


Mike DeNardis, head coach of UNC Darkise and Ring of Fire, is part of the Raleigh Flyers ownership group and has made clear that Ring of Fire will have a relationship with the Raleigh Flyers.

Atlanta Hustle

Adding: Jay Clark, Mark Poole, Brian Moore, Michael Spear, Steven Hicks, Ryan Archibald, Christian Olsen, Byron Liu, Taylor Goforth, Trenton Spinks, Frank Wooten, Matthew Knowles, Sean Sears, Allan Laviolette, Jack Krieger, Robert Runner, Dylan Tunnel

Atlanta has added much of the talent from Chain Lightning and Bucket. Given the number of Ring of Fire players that will sign with Raleigh, and the talent that has signed onto Jacksonville, the South is shaping up to be a three team race.

Jacksonville Cannons

Adding: Travis Catron, Mischa Freystaetter, Bryce Carleton, Andrew Roca, Brandon Perales, Dustin Travaglini, John Best, Ryan Chard, Stephen Styx, Andrew Carleton

Nashville Nightwatch

Adding: Matt Gallin, Andy Barnhart (Mechanix), Kevin Terry, Blake Waldron, Bryan Sansbury, Chase Hammond, David Trett, Eric Williams, Frank Stasser, Jason Chow, Javier Ortiz, John Carden, Jordan Bates, Josh Moore, Mike Dayton, Nick Peppers, Paul Lally, Ross Markle, Tom Radcliffe, Tony Heath, Victor Wu



Ken Porter of Ring of Fire (and 2013 Detroit Mechanix player) has been promoting the Charlotte AUDL team on social media and is likely to sign with the team for the 2015 season.

Midwest Division

Madison Radicals


Bringing Back:


Chicago Wildfire


Bringing Back:


Machine has announced that unlike 2014, the Wildfire and Machine will not have joint leadership. There will definitely still be Machine players who want to play with the Wildfire, but their connection won’t be as strong as it was in 2014.

Indianapolis AlleyCats

Adding: Michael Ames (Revolution), Hans Rasmussen,

Bringing Back:

Subtracting: Luke Broderick, David Valentine-Elam, Dane Lockhart

You can probably count on AlleyCat staples Keenan Plew and Cameron Brock coming back for the 2015 season. It remains to be seen whether Andy Cava, aka “Super Toine” will be back as well.

Minnesota Wind Chill


Bringing Back: Jay Drescher, David Shirley, Brian Schoenrock, Austin Lien, Ben Jagt, Brandon Matis, Pete Carr, John Groess, Pat Niles,


The Wind Chill are bringing back Lou Abramowski as their head coach in 2015. Abramowski was head coach last season, and is also the head coach of Hopkins Hurt, an elite high school team in Minnesota. The Wind Chill have announced a few Drag’n Thrust players and Imperial players returning to their team, but have yet to announce any Sub Zero players for 2015. After picking up a contingent of Sub Zero players in 2014, it seems likely Minnesota will be more reliant on Drag’n, Imperial, and other local teams in 2015.

Pittsburgh Thunderbirds

Adding: Rob Dulabon, Aaron Watson, Ethan Beardsley, Marcus Ranii-Dropcho, Patrick Earles, Chris Brenenborg, Alex Thorne, Tyler Degirolamo, Isaac Saul, Mark Federenko (Revolution), Jon Mast, Jon DeAmicis, Felipe Delgado, Max Sheppard, Michael Van Ness, Nick Haser, Sam Schurer

The Thunderbirds have announced David Hogan will be their head coach. Hogan’s coaching experience includes time as the head coach of the Pittsburgh YCC team, and as an assistant coach of University of Pittsburgh’s En Sabah Nur.

Cincinnati Revolution

Adding: Isaac Jeffries, Colin Grandon, Corey Hardesty, Keegan North, Scott Schriner, Kieran Kelly, Christopher Misleh, Justin Latz, Cody Fox, Colin McCartney, Zach Kaylor

Bringing Back: Tim Settles, Eddie Mack, Will Huffer,

Subtracting: Michael Ames (AlleyCats)

The three Revolution captains signed 2 year deals with Cincinnati. Isaac Jeffries is back with Cincinnati for 2015 after sitting out 2014.

Detroit Mechanix


Bringing Back:


West Division

San Jose Spiders

Adding: Cassidy Rasmussen (FlameThrowers), Sean Ham, Justin Norden, Christian Johnson, Matthew Crawford, Jordan Marcy, Kelly Van Arsdale, Chuck Cao (FlameThrowers), Tyler Grant (MLU-Dogfish), Seth Reinhardt, Ethan Falat, Lucas Dillow, Matt Jaffe, Russell Wynne, Ariel Klevecz,

Bringing Back: Beau Kittredge, Simon Higgins, Marcelo Sanchez, Mathew Natali, Chris Farina, Sonny Zaccarro, Kevin Cocks, Greg Cohen, Kevin Smith, Brett Petersen, Scott Roeder

Subtracting: Eli Kerns (FlameThrowers), Mark Elbogen (Aviators), Tyler Bacon (Aviators), Michael Kiyoi, Kurt Gibson (Growlers), Jeff Silverman, Nathan White, Ashlin Joye, Federico Chialvo (FlameThrowers)

The Spiders offseason hasn’t earned as many headlines as their new rivals in San Diego, but they’ve made their share of big moves. Getting Cassidy Rasmussen is a huge steal, he was one of the top five players in the league last year. Christian Johnson is a great cutter that just graduated from UNC, and was their Callahan nominee in 2014. Justin Norden, a Carleton CUT alum, has experience playing for elite club teams like Sub Zero and Truck Stop. Russell Wynne is a 2013 Team USA player that has experience playing for the Dogfish in the MLU as well as years on Revolver. Seth Reinhardt is a transplant from Boston where he played for both Ironside and the Whitecaps in the MLU.

Of course the Spiders are losing a lot of talent to other California squads. Kurt Gibson is one of the best players in the world, and played a huge role for the Spiders last year, particularly in the playoffs. Eli Kerns, Mark Elbogen, and Tyler Bacon were important pieces as well, but the Spiders are making moves to give themselves a great shot to repeat in 2015. Perhaps most importantly Ashlin Joye won’t be returning in 2015. Cassidy Rasmussen should help lessen the blow, but Joye will be missed by the Spiders in 2015.

San Francisco FlameThrowers

Adding: Eli Kerns (Spiders), Jordan Jeffrey (MLU-Dogfish), Henry Konker, Federico Chialvo (Spiders), Patrick Lahey, Alec Surmani, Aaron Richards, Robert Gormley, Barrs Lang, Daniel Naruo

Bringing Back: Jason Yun, Eli Janin, Lucas Dallman, Taylor Lahey, Brandon Fein, Sam Chatterton-Kirchmeier, Adam Raty, Clay Miller, Nick Slovan, Alex Nord, Clay Miller, Greg Marliave, Lucas Young,

Subtracting: Cassidy Rasmussen (Spiders), Chuck Cao (Spiders), Zane Rankin (Cascades)

The FlameThrowers are flying under the radar this offseason, but they still figure to be a competitor in the West for 2015. Kerns will most likely play a bigger role for San Francisco than he did this past season in San Jose, Jeffrey is another big receiver added to the FlameThrowers roster, and Konker is a nice pickup from Johnny Bravo.

Right now the FlameThrowers have added more players from Polar Bears, Boost Mobile, and Blackbird, without having signed nearly as many Revolver players (only four) as they did in 2014. They have a few roster spots and that may change, but as it stand right now they don’t look to be as strong as they were last year.

Vancouver Riptide

Adding: Alex Davis (MLU-Nighthawks), Kevin Underhill (MLU-Nighthawks), Myles Sinclair, Gagan Chatha (MLU-Nighthawks), John Norris

Bringing Back: Derek Fenton, Darren Wu


Vancouver has started to announce players signings, and has also announced its partnership with Furious George, the Vancouver club team.

Seattle Cascades

Adding: Adam Simon (MLU-Rainmakers), Aly Lenon, Danny Karlinsky, Duncan Linn, Jacob Speidel, Joe Sefton, Julian Hausman, Jonny Stacey, Robbie Farwell, Sam Cook, Sam Harkness (MLU-Rainmakers), Sam Hart, Spencer Wallis, Matt Rehder, Nick Hirning, Phil Murray, Ray Illian, Steven Benaloh, Tyler Kinley, Will Chen, Will Herold, Zane Rankin (FlameThrowers), Bryson Uhrig-Fox (MLU-Rainmakers), Tom Rosatto (MLU-Rainmakers), Skip Sewell (MLU-Rainmakers), Reid Koss (MLU-Rainmakers), Mario O’Brien (MLU-Rainmakers), Donnie Clark (MLU-Rainmakers)

Bringing Back: Grant Zukowski, Mike Cavanaugh


The Seattle Cascades have officially announced their partnership with longtime club championship contender Seattle Sockeye. Any team with a Sockeye core has to be considered a championship contender. Despite the hype surrounding the Growlers and the defending champions in San Jose, the Cascades should enter the season as the first or second best ranked team in the West.

Los Angeles Aviators

Adding: Eric Lissner, Dan Oettinger, Mark Elbogen (Spiders), Bryan Nguyen, Zac Schakner, Tyler Bacon (Spiders), Husayn Carnegie, Steven Chang (Spiders), Jeff Silverman (Spiders), Daniel Smeltzer, Joe Forbes, Simon Evans, Stephane Carlisle, Nathan Warden, Mitchell Steiner (Dragons), Dan Bellinger (MLU-Dogfish), Andrew Pebley, Ian Chiles, Ed Melo, Grant Boyd, Allen Lai, Hunter Corbett, Sean McDougall

So far the Aviators have been adding players from the Santa Barbara Condors, and from both the mixed and open LA teams, 7 Figures and Renegade. Elbogen and Bacon were important pieces for the Spiders last season as well. Carnegie played a big role for the New York Empire in their run to the Eastern Conference finals in 2013.

The Los Angeles Aviators have also announced that Franklin Rho, head coach of the LA club team Renegade, will be the head coach for the Aviators this season.

San Diego Growlers

Adding: Jimmy Mickle, Kurt Gibson (Spiders), Josh Ackley, Steven Milardovich, Dom Leggio, Will Griffin, Ryan Slaughter, Jesse Cohen, Trevor Purdy, Nick Lance, Casey Wu, Matt Parisi, Kyle Olson, Ross Lenta, Josh Nickerson, Andy Sammons, Nathan Bridges, Trevor Dunn, Andy Curtis, Nick Smith, Kory Helms, Justin Goodman, Cody Kirkland, Ben Clark

The Growlers hadn’t made much of any noise in the offseason until word came out that three Johnny Bravo superstars would be joining the team. The Growlers have added three Callahan winners (Mickle, Ackley, Lance) and another player that arguably should have won the Callahan in 2008 in Kurt Gibson. Those four plus a Streetgang core will make this an interesting team in 2015. And though adding four big names might not be enough to turn a strong club team into a championship contender, the single game format greatly benefits top heavy teams. Depth is still very important, but top heavy rosters are more important in a season when you never play more than two games in a weekend.

The big question is how often the Bravo superstars play on the road. With San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver adding a lot of talent this offseason the Growlers will still need all hands on deck to make the playoffs.

Salt Lake Lions


Bringing Back:


With every move that the rest of the conference makes, things are looking tougher and tougher for Salt Lake. The Spiders and FlameThrowers are going to remain elite in 2015. The Riptide are partnering with Furious George. San Diego just signed four superstars. And Seattle has teamed up with a perennial club contender. Hopefully Salt Lake is able to do something to bring their team to a higher level in 2015, their fans deserve it.

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