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Top 10 Plays of the 2013 MLU Season

And here are the top 10 plays of the MLU season so far. 10. Joe Sefton, Seattle Rainmakers, Layout Catch Sefton makes a nice grab for the Week 2 catch of the week. 9. Sam Harkness & Donnie Clark, Seattle Rainmakers, Greatest Sam Harkness and Donnie Clark connect on this greatest for the score. Harkness […]

Top 10 Plays of the First Month: AUDL

Here are the top plays of the AUDL season so far, ranked in a completely subjective manner. Which means that there aren’t any highlight throws on here, because even if they’re impressive, they’re just not as much fun. 10. Michael Ames, Indianapolis AlleyCats, Layout D I’m a big believer in players catching their D’s, and […]