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Hybrid Ranking System

Once upon a time before Semi Pro Ultimate or I wrote for Skyd, I (poorly) kept a personal blog, where I examined some different ways to incorporate the USAU Formula into determining bids for the Championships, in this case, at the DI and DIII college level. Realizing that changing the math or structure of the […]

Club Open Power Rankings

With the AUDL and MLU seasons both now over, players and spectators alike have turned  their attention to the club season. With the Triple Crown Tour in full effect this year, high level Club Tournaments started earlier this season. Already the US Open, Terminus, and Colorado Cup have helped shape the stage for the rest […]

MLU Power Rankings: Week 5

1. San Francisco Dogfish       4-1      +3 Any worries people had about the Dogfish incorporating their missing players back into the lineup are long gone. San Francisco put up a 23-13 shellacking of Vancouver on Saturday. The Whitecaps may be undefeated, but the Dogfish have beat tougher teams. Their one loss was on the road, only […]

MLU Power Rankings: Week 4

1. San Francisco Dogfish 3-1 +1.3 The Dogfish have yet to win a game as decisively as the Whitecaps or Rainmakers, so their point differential is not as strong. But the last two weeks they’ve been playing without a good chunk of their team. In their 16-14 victory over Seattle they were missing Beau Kitteredge, […]

AUDL Power Rankings: Week 3

You can check out my Week 2 Power Rankings over at Skyd Magazine, here are more condensed thoughts (for me) on where teams stand after Week 3. 1. Toronto Rush 4-0 (Last Week: 1) The Rush took their dominance to an even higher level this week. They beat the Empire in New York 22-14, a […]

MLU Power Rankings: Week 2

1. Seattle Rainmakers            2-0 The Rainmakers take the top spot by virtue of being the only 2-0 team to win a game by more than three points. Though unlike other 2-0 teams both of their victories have come at home, there’s reason to think they’ll keep up the pace. First, the solid 18-12 […]