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2017 Season Preview & Review: The Defunct Ultimate Disc (DUD) League

A few months ago it was announced that the Cincinnati Revolution ended their five year run as a franchise, after enduring their first winless season in 2016. Slightly more surprising is that the Charlotte Express are folding as well, after a 4-10 campaign this past year where they notched upsets over both Austin and Jacksonville. Of […]

7 Questions for the AUDL Offseason

The AUDL offseason has already started. You surely didn’t miss defending club and AUDL champions Beau Kittredge and Cassidy Rasmussen signing with the new Dallas Roughnecks franchise. Two of the best players in the game have already found a new home. But there are many others who could end up any number of places. There […]

Cross Divisional Play: It’s a Thing That’s Happening I Guess

October 29 was a pretty big day in the world of semi-pro ultimate. Not only did the MLU announce a couple cross divisional games for the 2016 season, the AUDL announced that the Rochester Dragons won’t be returning next year. Cross divisional play is an interesting step for the MLU in 2016. The MLU is […]

Projected Standings and Playoff Chances

I’ve updated the projected standings from last week, and slightly changed the methodology. I’ve taken away the home bonus. This results in greater reliance on point differential, fewer upsets from lower level teams hosting playoff teams, and more evenly split chances in games between similar caliber teams, especially out west. This time I also included […]

AUDL Playoff Projections

I’ve always been a fan of Hollinger’s Playoff Odds for the NBA. They give you an idea of where teams are heading, and separate the contenders from the pretenders. It’s something I’ve always wished existed for the AUDL. It would separate the subjective from the objective. With that in mind, I’ve put together a formula that […]