Last year, for the first time in nearly a decade, Ring of Fire made the semifinals at Club Nationals. They upset Machine in pool play to earn a trip to the power pools, and took down Johnny Bravo 15-11 once they got there to earn a trip to the quarterfinals. It was the fifth consecutive […]

Once upon a time before Semi Pro Ultimate or I wrote for Skyd, I (poorly) kept a personal blog, where I examined some different ways to incorporate the USAU Formula into determining bids for the Championships, in this case, at the DI and DIII college level. Realizing that changing the math or structure of the […]

With the AUDL and MLU seasons both now over, players and spectators alike have turned  their attention to the club season. With the Triple Crown Tour in full effect this year, high level Club Tournaments started earlier this season. Already the US Open, Terminus, and Colorado Cup have helped shape the stage for the rest […]

It sounds absurd when you explain it to outsiders. You tell them that yes, there is a pro league for Ultimate. Well actually, there are two. Most of the time the response I get goes something like this, “What? Two pro frisbee leagues? I didn’t even know that it was a sport! There’s no way […]

1. San Francisco Dogfish       4-1      +3 Any worries people had about the Dogfish incorporating their missing players back into the lineup are long gone. San Francisco put up a 23-13 shellacking of Vancouver on Saturday. The Whitecaps may be undefeated, but the Dogfish have beat tougher teams. Their one loss was on the road, only […]

And here are the top 10 plays of the MLU season so far. 10. Joe Sefton, Seattle Rainmakers, Layout Catch Sefton makes a nice grab for the Week 2 catch of the week. 9. Sam Harkness & Donnie Clark, Seattle Rainmakers, Greatest Sam Harkness and Donnie Clark connect on this greatest for the score. Harkness […]

Here are the top plays of the AUDL season so far, ranked in a completely subjective manner. Which means that there aren’t any highlight throws on here, because even if they’re impressive, they’re just not as much fun. 10. Michael Ames, Indianapolis AlleyCats, Layout D I’m a big believer in players catching their D’s, and […]